Most of us don’t.


We’ve forgotten how to be open to receiving.



We’re so engaged on being productive that we have forgotten how to attract and receive. It’s sad and it’s hard and it’s not our nature.


That’s why I created my ebook: The Cycle of Manifestation.


Because I believe that no woman should ever push through her feminine nature in order to achieve her goals.


The Cycle of Manifestation

A heart-centred guide on how to use your cyclic nature to boost your power of manifestation, so that you can manifest what has long felt out of reach without having to push through to get it! 

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the cycle of manifestation


· The four phases of the Cycle of Manifesting: uncover, release, align and act.

· When to take action and when to let go, so you’re neither too passive or acting on desperation.

· Why you should align your menstrual cycle with your manifesting efforts so that you can attract what you want, easier.

· Why it’s a good thing to feel everything but positive.

· The right system for you and why you shouldn’t follow everybody’s advice.



4 mantras/affirmations for the four phases of the cycle.

is this EBOOK righ for you?

it’s not a match, if


  • You hate people talking about menstruation.
    The menstrual cycle is at the core of my work!

  • You don’t like it when people swear.
    I think I say “shitty” once.

  • You’re the Grammar & Spelling Police.
    English is not my first languange,
    and I don’t expect my work to be perfect.

get it now, if…


  • You’ve been pushing yourself too hard.
    And you’re not really moving forward.

  • You’ve been feeling guilty for not being consistent.
    Ahhhh, girl we gotta talk. But first, get the ebook!

  • You have a big heart
    But you’ve closed down to survive. :( I know we’ll change this world together, I just know.


My name is Kitzia and I created this ebook because I was, too, struggling to make things happen.

I was trapped in a loop: from overworking myself into exhaustion to laying in bed waiting for a miracle to happen.

I felt guilty for being inconsistent and I constantly thought that I was doing something wrong because everyone else seemed to be moving forward, except for me!

Life was so frustrating until I realized that I was going against my own feminine nature.

I was weakening my own manifestation powers by being doubtful and controlling.

Once I started to align myself with my feminine nature, things *slowly* changed and manifesting became easier.

My life didn’t change overnight –it took time!

But if I could do it, you can too! 

Lean into your high and low energy periods and manifesting will come easier.


This is what they’re saying

This is exactly what I needed to read. I read it all in one sitting and I took action right away. I loved it!

"This is exactly what I needed to read!"

Justine Standaert

I’m so thankful you’re sharing this work with us! I loved the way you share what you’ve learned and I even feel kind of jealous that I don’t know myself the same way. Not in a bad way, though. I just realized that sometimes I look for ways to keep myself busy and I don’t give myself time for self-discovery, and this book was an inspiration to change that.

"This book is filled with love! 😱😱😱❤❤❤❤"

Pita Xilot

This ebook helped me acknowledge my cyclic need for draining and nurturing. It’s a tool to have on hand anytime I need to synchronize my work with my body to find an easier way to be productive.

"I loved this ebook!"

Mariana Ayón

It’s wonderfully freeing to realize that the difficulty we may sometimes have in always working consistently on our projects or goals isn’t because we are deficient! It is because of our cyclical nature! We can stop feeling incapable or guilty … and learn to stay centred and treat ourselves with patience and love.

"I loved it! Everything is so true!"

Angie Hatch

The Cycle of Manifestation

Get it now for $22 and start to flow!

All sales are final.