i used to think poetry was corny.

i disliked poetry.

emotions in the written form made me feel uncomfortable, out of place; little did i know that words would become the perfect tool for me to heal.


today, i write & share words of encouragement and heartbreak and healing and love, and soon i’ll be publishing my first poetry book… which is more than a poetry book;  it’s an ode to my heart, the story of my healing process, a love letter to myself for being so brave and showing up every day. even when i was hurting.


if you get a copy i hope that it serves you as a mirror, and that, through my words, you see yourself wholly. so you can bring more love to what needs to be loved, let go of what needs to let go of,  and show up in the bravest of ways.

get your copy & if you enjoy what you read, please share.