Out in July, 2019

about the book

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I quit my business, moved to the beach for a month and began writing poetry.

Today I want to celebrate that I’m creating so much content, that I’m almost ready to publish my first poetry book.

(Two actually: there’s a Spanish and an English version.)

My book is not a conventional poetry book.

It’s an artistic piece.

It’s a small, but very unique piece.

This is not a black and white book, written in Times New Roman.

This book is different.

Some of my poems have pictures in them, and the are with the image; together they form a complete piece.

Some of my poems are not open to interpretation: they have a meaning.

The book itself, is a statement, a non-conventional piece (tell the editor, hah).

It doesn’t have a title yet, but it will include stories of what happened, and how it happened.

Some of the poems will include the story behind them.

I want you to know what I went through and why the book exists.

In short, the book is a mini auto-biographical piece about a time in my life where I got rid of the structures that rather than protecting me, were holding me back  from truly living.

The book is an artistic register of my own healing.

Of letting go.

Of surrender.

And I’m pulled to publish it because I know that when you see me, when you truly see me, you will also see yourself.

And in that process you may, little by little, let go of whatever you need to let go of.

And maybe you will develop the trust to let go of control…

to let go of resistance

to let go of the “knowing”

and the need to figure it out,

so you can start trusting life again.

I’ll tell you about my book in future emails and post, in the meantime here’s a poem i want to share with you, i love this poem.

I wrote it around a year ago, for a course about money and abundance. In the course I was talking about how, when you heal, you also heal the collective.

As I was making it, I was thinking of how  we’re connected, beyond our understanding.

And that everything, in the energetic plane, reverberates constantly even if we don’t realize.

Here it is, enjoy it.

And if you want to have this and other poems in the printed form, so you can touch the paper with your fingers, you can pre-order a copy below.




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